Community Education Advisory Council

Working together to enhance the lives of district residents.
The role of the advisory council for Community Education includes the following:
*Provides representation of the community in program planning and delivery
*Establishes an on-going needs assessment process
*Advises community education staff, superintendent and school board on community education issues and finances.
*Establishes relationships with other organizations and service agencies
*Establishes an evaluation and planning process
*Promotes Community Education within the community

The Winona Community Education Advisory Council is made up of representatives from health and human services, city and county government, K-12, higher education, consumers and the clergy. As council members they have a voice in the development and structure of Community Education prgramming.

Council meetings are held monthly at Noon. If you'd like to become involved,please contact Margaret Schild, Director at 494-0900.

Contact: Margaret Schild, Community Education Director